Who We Are

Defending Your Right to Fish

You may ask yourself - why should a bass angler be concerned with saltwater conservation? ​Moreover, why is there reason to be concerned with conservation or fishing rights at all? After all, 22 states give their residents the right to fish, and the North American model of fish and game management identifies fish as public property. However, we still see dated federal laws and policies remain in place that hinder our recreational anglers from enjoying our beloved sport.

Bass Anglers For Saltwater Conservation exists to unite both freshwater and saltwater anglers to take on the issues of conservation and restricted fishing access. The majority of fisheries issues occur in saltwater, however, those burdens COULD carry over into freshwater fisheries without proper action. Bass For Salt is an intuitive advocacy system that allows users to write pre-written letters, call, or tweet their legislators through engagements online. All an angler must do is go to our site and fill out his or her constituent information. Our system will appropriately identify the correct legislator.

When 46 million anglers in the United States stand together for positive change in the marine industry, our elected officials in Washington D.C. cannot ignore our voices! To see some of the current issues, click the link below.